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The Spheres Virtual Art Gallery is dedicated mainly to photography and visual arts. At request, a guest room can be opened for one-month shows. Braindeath should not be an option, come in.

The Guest Gallery features Predrag Pajdic, a visual artist residing in the United Kingdom. Telling stories in frames, of fascination in elegance, Predrag Pajdic's works incorporate both perspectives: bright and dark beauty. Visit the guest gallery here. An interview with the artist is included in the current issue of N-Sphere.



The Spheres Graphic Design team: what we did and what we can do. Latest release Kiew :: Melancholie video.

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N-Sphere Art Magazine

A monthly magazine featuring visual arts in various forms, from the old to the new, from the camera to the needle point. Gradually expanding to form its own galaxy, the N-Sphere includes an interconnected section with the music world.

At the passing of 2012, N-Sphere Omega, our last issue, includes: Predrag Pajdic, Die Selektion, Enfant Terrible's Exploitation, Cult of Youth, Popovy Sisters, Cronenberg's Stereo, Stranger Than Fiction, Francesca Mele, Kyle Thompson, Vincent Bergerat, Aëla Labbé, John Santerineross' Désiré Project, Guido Cagnacci.

This is the end of the universe. When stars die out and life is singular, we wish you enlightenment. Thank you for lending us your minds and allowing us to look inside. This is good bye.

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N-Sphere Omega




Warning. The galleries may contain art that is not suitable for children and other impressionable minds. By accessing the guest gallery and downloading the issue of N-Sphere, you are confirming that you are of legal age in your country.