The following article was published in N-SPHERE October 2009 issue.


Name: As Aranhas [Die Spinnen]

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Occupation: Strolling artist.

Definition of personal sphere: A world of chimaeras. Smells like mold. It’s the smell of the world of the chimaeras.

Artwork in 4 words: Claws; kaosz; voracious; kataklizma.

What is inspirational for you: Expressionism; Soviet avant-garde.

Currently favourite artists: João César Monteiro; Fritz Lang; Anita Berber; Sergej Eisenstein; Emir Kusturica; György Ligeti; Michael Nyman; Alfred Schnittke; Fanfare Ciocarlia; Marina Abramovic.

Tools of trade: CCCP kameras.

Current obsessions: Dra.meretriz (la dr.putain)

Personal temptation: Menstruation.

Artwork: Quinta Essentia – Cuntessence


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