The following article was published in N-SPHERE november 2009 issue.


Name: Amanda D.

Location: A Coruña (Galicia) Spain

Occupation: Currently working in a photography company dedicated to wedding planning

Definition of personal sphere: I am a pretty complicated person: too sensitive = serious problems…And too rebellious = problems as well. The world we live in and the people living in it are literally making me sick. The way they see the world is the way they manipulate people. The manipulators piss me off just as much as the ones that let themselves be manipulated. Because I don’t want to know anything, I don’t watch TV nor read newspapers (I dislike them). I prefer books, documentaries (the reliable ones), movies… series… I love people who go against the norm, and that don’t allow themselves to conform, basically because they make me feel good. I think most people are Living Dead … as a song I’ve heard says ….”there are no more alive, no people remain, now there is only a place for the living dead” (“ya no quedan vivos, ya no queda gente, ahora solo hay sitio para los vivos murientes”). I consider myself a recovering existentialist… one has to be, even if it hurts and brings along problems… at the age of 14 my head started to “philosophize” and has not stopped until relatively recently. Now I’m trying to do something productive instead of wasting time looking for something that I’ll never find.

Artwork in 4 words: Magic, Subtlety, Impact and Irony

What is inspirational for you: Anything that can change my mood for the better. When something inspires me, I make a note of it because it makes me happier than I had been before, and the notes pilled up so fast, that now I have a rather large accumulation of mental notes to use in my future projects, the hard part is putting it all together. For example… anything from the ‘80s makes me feel good, hehe.

Currently favourite artists: I don’t have any, I have to get up to date…

Tools of trade: I’ve been and I’m still using a Canon EOS 400D, until recently with the lens that comes in the pack and until I bought myself a 50 mm, with lighting more to my liking.

Current obsessions: My obsession is to be able to convey that personal concept that I have in my mind, and to have my own personal style, rather difficult…

Artwork: Untitled


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