The following article was published in N-SPHERE December 2009 issue.

I boldly stepped into the thick snow laying before me, and took a deep breath. I felt the taste of poison running through my veins, and the incandescent barbed wire gently mixing with the fiber of my being. And then, I saw the warm feeling attracting you there, luring you out of your self-absorbed hideout. After that, the pain came swiftly and merciless.

“Last night you invited me into your dizziness, and I was a bit surprised that you would share that view with me. We have known each other since I can remember but never dignified me with such an introspection.” “You’re kidding me?” “No, not really. See the reflexes on the blade that’s sticking out of my back making it almost impossible for me to feel?” “Yes, I noticed them. Do you want me to remove only the reflexes or also that blade.?” “Being yours, I think you might want to use it again in the future. So please carry on with this domestic surgery. The woundsnever heal anyway, no matter how good your sewing skills are, or how many antibiotics for the peptides in my brain you pump inside me.”

I watched the patterns of your discontent, and they bear some resemblance with the flying of the birds I see outside my window. I think I’m outside at least, although I do not see any difference whatsoever. The sky is still burning red, your grasp still annoys me. “What do you say we leave this place. Too big of a mess after your attempt to reconstruct the figures of your dying speech.” “Perhaps you’re right. Time to split.” “Wait. Here”s a drop of blood for your trip. I know you like it so… I thought it will please your ego to have this.” “My… You left me speechless.”

I contemplated the gleaming eyes take off into the dark, and felt brutal chills down the leftovers of my spine. The thin lair of snow patched me enough so that the irony of the moment doesn’t suffocate me. Again. Still…

by Bahak B

artwork by Vel Thora

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