The following article was published in N-SPHERE January 2010 issue.


Name: Murat Harmanlikli

Location: Kocaeli, Turkey

Occupation: Full time alien

Definition of personal sphere: “How much longer do i seek you, house by house, door to door? / How much longer, corner to corner, street by street?” ..As Rumi said, it is a ceaseless story.. A story of deliberate searches of a desperate lover..

Artwork in 4 words: One word is enough: “loneliness”

What is inspirational for you: Everything can be an inspiration.. It depends on how you perceive the sound of things and how you compose them.. Personally, I love streets; the magical chaos in streets.. Trying to catch the harmony between things and people in the street is definitely a theraphy for lonely souls..

Currently favourite artists: A lot of.. Those who express their own worlds with a unique style always impress me. On the other side: a good novel, a good book always stir my imagination more than a photograph.. And lastly, my reverence & deep respect for Krzysztof Kieslowski

Tools of trade: My sick mind via my eyes..

Current obsessions: Trying to get rid of all my obsessions is a very tiring and futile obsession for me nowadays..

Personal temptation: “Y” is a good temptation.. :)

Artwork: Untitled – Detail


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