The following article was published in N-SPHERE February 2010 issue.


Name: Aurélien Police

Location: France, Le Mans.

Occupation: Illustrator.

Definition of personal sphere: Calm and music. Oh, and so some coffee to get started.

Artwork in 4 words: Summarize/Is/Very/Difficult

What is inspirational for you: Clouds, light, rust and my poster of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes above my desk.

Currently favourite artists: Dave McKean, William Turner, Edward Hopper.

Tools of trade: Canon EOS500D, PC, Wacom tablet, Adobe Photoshop, Artrage.

Current obsessions: Finding something not too stupid to answer to that question because I’m only “interested” in things and never “obsessed” by them.

Personal temptation: Gruyere.

Artwork: Thotho Cover


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