The following article was published in N-SPHERE April 2010 issue.


Name: Alexander Binder

Location: Stuttgart/Germany

Occupation: By Day: Working at the office as an unremarkable white-collar worker | By Night: Working in the woods as an unremarkable photographer

Definition of personal sphere: A silent hideout at the end of the world

Artwork in 4 words: Dark, bright, occult, otherworldly

What is inspirational for you: The Black Forest

Currently favourite artists: Theodor Kittelsen, Henry Peach Robinson, Hans Bellmer, Stephen O’Malley

Tools of trade: D-SLR camera and objectives made from optical toys, plastic crap or duct tape

Current obsessions: Transylvania and Vampirism

Personal temptation: Autosarcophagy

Artwork: Untitled


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