The following article was published in N-SPHERE June 2010 issue.


They appeared out of nowhere, in a split second, brethren of the same dead leaf, not knowing what they have in common or what they share. If such a thing indeed exists.

“Run around rooftops on your tiptoes; be careful not to awake the dormant mind. I would say this is a fair warning.”

“You always put your heart into it don’t you? It is somehow ironic, since your heart is ‘safely’ locked away in a place even you cannot remember. It’s almost amusing to see you struggle against imaginary dilemmas and ‘handmade self-torments’. I see you are quite the craftsman.”

“Now, now… There will be again time to play in the sand, to laugh at the fire, to build castles out of ash. But for now you have to play the main character at our funeral. Caution: the ‘I am the Way’ line doesn’t suite the prosperity of the abominable carnage we leave behind.”

“Must I? I would like to linger some more at the corners of apathy, contemplating the bizarre designs of the mother earth. It soothes me. Even better than Valium or Prozac.”

“Yes you must. After that you can go play with the fireflies, shoot down the stars one by one, give offerings to the night’s chilly air, or do whatever it is you like to do.”

“Do you take me for a child? If I do this and that you’ll give me candy or let me be? The infant in me died long ago you know. Misjudging me again, you are…”

by Bahak B

artwork by Vel Thora

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