The following article was published in n-sphere september 2010 issue.


First of all, welcome to the Spheres. In order to introduce our readers to the Modernism & Vintage world, how would you describe your body of work?

Modernism & Vintage was born as a personal blog, inspired by things like Fashion clothing, Design, Photography, Architecture, Natural Cosmetics… Then, I wanted to create my own accessories, for my personal use and with my personal taste, but in the end, they ended up being published on my blog, under the name/brand Modernism & Vintage.

In today’s over commercialized consumer society, packaging aspect holds great weight on a customer’s decision to buy one item or another. What concepts and/or ideas lie beneath the decorative packaging and tagging you choose for your pieces?

I’m one of those people who care about the packaging of the products that they buy, so I really think about the item as an entire concept. I usually? have a final idea of the finished product in my mind.
At this moment, I’m just a person who makes her own accessories in a handmade way, so I pay attention to the article itself, the tagging and its appearance when I publish on the blog. I’m a designer, so I try to show the pieces in the best way I can, but at this moment, I do my work within my means.

Given the small size these items usually have, how would you ascertain the level of difficulty in creating your pieces? Is the design and development usually demanding or is it just a means to pass time?

I guess that “making” something like my accessories is not so difficult, in fact, there are a lot of people who make jewelry as a hobby. The main thing is to choose the right materials and design for a beautiful composition. So, I want to believe that is my aim as well. I’m discovering my style. It started out as a personal work, to pass the time, and at this moment it is something more serious. I had to recreate some pieces because someone requested and wanted one in particular.

You mentioned having a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Would you categorize your accessories as a result of a hobby, or does it have deeper roots and implications?

Yes, I’m a Fine Arts Graduate with Graphic Design and Audiovisual specialization, so my accessories can be the result of that, obviously, but it’s also something deeper.
I have my personal taste and preferences. I like certain painters, architectural styles… your aesthetics sometimes influence you more than the world you have to live in.

Which of your past projects do you consider to have been most rewarding personally?

The best thing that happened to me as a designer, was to be sponsored by the Promsite Collective, which is a site with the best graphic designers in Spain at the moment. It was the greatest honour I received as a professional. You can visit my graphic portfolio under the pseudonym Insofferenza (

Do you have your own clothing line or is there a collaboration with designers, such as Amoelbarroco?

I would love to, but I have to say no for the moment. Probably in the future… I’m thinking about it. I studied at the same university as Amoelbarroco, we’ve also lived together some time ago. She’s a good friend of mine, it would be great to do something in collaboration with her.
Who knows if she gives me that chance some day… jeje.

Are there any other collaborations in progress now for the Modernism & Vintage project?

No, I’m very individualistic about/regarding my work, but nothing came up either.

Some of your brooches have inserted vintage photos. What is the source of these pictures and what is your motivation for choosing to integrate them in your pieces?

I browse for that kind of photos, with the vintage feel, in second hand shops or on the internet.
I chose the vintage style because I love the way the pictures were taken, the colors (or the black and white), the scenery, the textures, the models… I love the XIXth century, it means elegance to me and that’s exactly what I want for my accessories.

Accessories are usually associated with symbols of status or connection to certain social groups. How would you argue your pieces fit into today’s social machinations? Are they a means to transgress norms or just nostalgic elements?

My accessories appeal to certain people. Not everybody likes that vintage and romantic look. I don’t pretend to transgress norms, I just want to look back into the past and feel that we can have part of them nowadays. Part of the beautiful things they made, the elegance of that season, under my personal perspective.

The feel of a certain era transgresses through your entire body of work. Why this specific choice and not another historical period? Does it hold any special meaning for you?

I’m a Romantic person, with all that implies. As a Romantic, I always have the dark side of life present, but I want to show the beauty of that period in my work too.
As far as I remember, the Symbolist and Romantic painters were my favourites, I also love modernist architecture… For me this is one of the most beautiful aesthetic movements in history. I am fond of movements such us Wiener Werkstätte, artists like Beardsley, Mucha, decadent painters…

Do you have any other interests at the moment?

Yes, I always have many things on my mind… But studying something related to Fashion Design is my priority.

What type of tools do you usually make use of when creating your pieces?

I use fabrics, bronze items, laces, ribbons, tulle, vintage photos, chains, buttons, clocks… every single thing that I find interesting and could be included in a piece of my work.

What do you find inspirational at the moment and what projects are on their way?

Well, I have been doing this for a few months, so… I didn’t have enough time to grow up in this area. I want to continue improving my designs, making better accesories, with better fabrics and more beautiful compositions. And I want to explore more fields, making some bracelets, some headdress, some T-Shirts… this would be the future aim for Modernism & Vintage right now.

To conclude, how would you describe the sphere of Modernism & Vintage and its elements?

Modernism & Vintage, sums up the meaning and the entire concept of my tastes and preferences. The XIXth Century is the center of my blog and work. My creations are the result of my personal love for the vintage look. Modernism is one of my favourite periods.
The result: accessories in which I try to infuse that old fashion essence.

questions by Vel Thora

answers by Patricia Brito

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