The following article was published in N-SPHERE December 2010 issue.


When: 14th November 2010
Where: Lulu Belle Café. Wrocław, Poland


Inner Vision Laboratory
DJs Mniamos
Acid TV



Alter last year’s rather Kafka–esque experience, I didn’t know what to expect from the last day of the current Wrocław Industrial Festival edition. Seeing that this time the venue was a café situated in the same building as the main location of the festival, I was relieved that at least we wouldn’t have to search for it nor wait in the cold for the shows to begin. Not that I’m complaining about such experiences, they tend to add to the mood and, depending on what you are going to actually see and hear, that can be a bad or a good thing. Talking about 3D, huh?


Even though most of the audience was not Polish, I must mention that this was an all–Polish evening. We got to the café a few minutes after the first band started to play and hence all the comfortable places had already been taken. Conforming to what I previously said, I proceeded to sit on the floor and peek–a–boo at the visuals. The band playing was Inner Vision Laboratory, an industrial/dark ambient group creating a cinematic and sometimes horroresque ambience, similar to better known bands such as Raison d’être or Desiderii Marginis.

photo by Diana Daia. Inner Vision Laboratory Live in Wrocław


The announced order had been changed a bit, so the band that we were all expecting got to play the second. This was [haven], a ritual ambient/ idm project, probably the best known band from the line–up. The performance was more energetic and diverse, as well as the visuals, creating a heavier yet sullen atmosphere.

photo by Diana Daia. [haven] Live in Wrocław

photo by Diana Daia. [haven] Live in Wrocław


Following [haven] was Wrocław’s audiovisual artist Wojtek Benicewicz project of ambient/ idm/electronic music, heavily focused on the visual part.

photo by Diana Daia. Benicewicz Live in Wrocław


Closing the evening (well, the last live act, the evening actually continued with a great after–party with lots of tunes from old school industrial icons) was the power electronics Vilgoc, another project from Wrocław. I must confess I wasn’t impressed at all with the music, which I found to be aggressive for the sake of aggressiveness and nothing more, but it was an interesting feel to listen to power electronics inside a café.

photo by 6414. Digital manipulation by Diana Daia. Vilgoc Live in Wrocław

by George Tanasie

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