The following article was published in N-SPHERE January 2011 issue.


I feel like creating mushroom clouds all over the world… I feel like sleeping in the afternoon just like I once used to, before my mom would wake me up to wait for Santa… I feel like burning down the face of the good mother earth with meteoric harshness… I feel like erupting endless judgments on other’s sanctity…

I feel like stealing a solar storm just for myself… I feel like melting down the oceans and every living thing around me… I feel like playing the guitar and writing about the sounds you do not hear… I feel like dreaming in infrared and smile in ultraviolet, and take a casual stroll through radio frequency spectrum, just for the hell of it… I feel like sliding down microscopic slopes… I feel like apologizing to everyone I ignored for not ignoring them sooner… I feel like mastering the art of contempt… I feel like taking up a career in airbrushing ugly paintings… I feel like drawing up your future with three lines… I feel like torching your past as I erase you from all memories… I feel like cooking fancy dishes out of leaves and rubble… I feel like closing my mind’s waking eye waiting for the the creepy chill of December who’s late for this venue… I feel like burning every bridge behind me when I walk out the door… I feel like raising black widows for illegal racing… I feel like making amends to myself for what I lost that day, though I do not know how…

I feel like hearing you breathe slowly like you haven’t since… forever. Tell me, what color are my wings lately?

by Bahak B

artwork by Vel Thora

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