The following article was published in N-SPHERE June 2011 issue.


In the shadow of perverted thoughts an idea was born, frail and in search of a life force too distant and seemingly un-accessible for it to comprehend. A dark god grabbed its throat and forced it into full existence, threw it on a dangerous road, and gave it enormous amounts of sadness and sorrow for water and food. Thick threads of mercury and sulphur on its back, perfect clothes for and every solemn occasion shone glamorously into the viewer’s eyes, a ‘full metal jacket’ like no other.

“I feel a nonexistent weight lifted away from my nonexistent heart. I want to chain you down to the ground at my side, to watch you for countless hours. I want to keep an eye on you forever, even if forever doesn’t exist anymore.  So, do I dare speak? Do I dare touch you? Will you vanish like the November mist if I do that? I wish I knew beforehand, being that it’s easier to play in the land of predictability. What do you require of me in exchange?”

“I didn’t want to be “that one”… I didn’t ask to be “that one”… I didn’t choose to be the one that takes it all away, that tears apart the old beliefs and leaves mayhem in their wake… I was created for a purpose and acted accordingly since that day… every day”

It will haunt the days and the nights… It will live obscured by thoughts and desires… the lust for clear skies will feed on the darkness within until a blinding white suited for the insane dwellers of his soul will linger in every forgotten corner, on every tired and mute ruin, on every dusty step on the path to a frail idea of a smile…

text & artwork by Bahak B

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