The following article was published in N-SPHERE July 2011 issue.

I am when I should be long gone.
I walk when I should crawl and run when I should pace myself.
I spill blood when I should drink wine.
I hold my head up high in the rain and bend it in the sunlight.
I embrace the dried out earth when I should summon the muse.
I spit venom when I should inhale perfume.
I smile in disdain when I should offer comfort.
I travel through mystical lands when I should cleanse my soul.
I dwell in deadly places when I should roam the sky.
I dream in broken light bulbs when I should seek sanctuary.
I come in colors when I should deal in black and white.
I am depraved of sleep when trapped by running waters.
I mutilate the vessel of my life with joyous harmony.
I take snapshots of my future and sell them in my past.
I speak in unknown tongues that only my brethren recognize.
I breathe an air filled with scent of dying orchids and smell of melted immortal sands.
I live in a house with glass walls and chromium burning palm trees.
She works in a place with two bowls of chocolate candy when she should hide.

text & artwork by Bahak B

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