The following article was published in N-SPHERE September 2011 issue.


Name: Quadreria Romantico Seriale is an alias, an impersonal project. This choice is an homage to the premodern art, when the Idea, the Structure and the Act were relevant, not an individualistic name.

Location: QRS was generated in Italy, on an ancient pilgrimage road named Via Francigena.

Occupation: QRS works as an instrument, a uniform, a function referring to a metaphysical order.

Definition of personal sphere: QRS is a pictorial project for a “born posthumously” ecclesia. A style for tactile gazes. The “Quadreria” is Romantic because it believes in the Mith’s action. It’s Serial because it lives (and reacts) in this “serial age”, among digital skins and reproducible souls.

Artwork in 4 words: Will. Mask. Rank. Rule.

What is inspirational for you: The courage. The ritualistic and cultural art. The monumental and the fragmentary. Gottfried Benn’s Doric world.

Currently favourite artists: QRS attends the ancient flemish painters, a group of viveurs and one situationnist. It’s opposed to the contemporary creativity, which is “so updated”, “so informed” and consumed by civilization. There is
an anthropological incompatibility between these aspects and the “serial romantic” attitudes.

Tools of trade: Everything that can be used to make a sign, to define a shape. Not only for an artwork.

Current obsessions: Obsessionally against the invasive presence of the “nice and friendly” vacuity. QRS is looking for a spiritual, affirming and sober form of beauty.

Personal temptation: QRS has desires and fears, but, for its nature, it hasn’t any kind of temptation. At the moment it has this deep desire: an Art actualized in the daily life. For a new Beginning, and for the End.

Artwork: Quadreria Romantico Seriale. Non Est. 2010. Oil and silver acrylic on board 29,7×21 cm. Courtesy of the artist.


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