The following article was published in N-SPHERE February 2012 issue.


Hello and welcome to The Spheres. Tell us who are we talking to today, as an introduction to our readers.

Hi I am Simon Jones, a Director at SR Partners in London. I like starting and producing and initiating global collaborative projects as well as working on commercial projects around the World.

We have stumbled upon “Resonance”, a sort-of-kind-of intricate and eye catching interdisciplinary form of virtual installation. How would you define “Resonance”?

That’s a hard one. I have tried to sum it up for a while now and this is where I have got to: Resonance is a global collaborative project with some of the best visual and audio artists in the world. It explores the relationship between geometry and audio, which allowed us an opportunity to have some fun, meet new people and create some cool stuff.

Where from did the idea for this project emerge?

It was in a pub in London. I was having a chat with Andrew Diey from Radium Audio about possibly working together, which seemed to snowball into Resonance through chatting to co-collaborators Kultnation, Onur Senturk and Korb.

How does the concept of resonance (as understood in vibration mechanics) apply to it?

It was a great word to sum up what we were doing visualizing audio as well as audiofying visuals.

How many artists were involved in the creation of “Resonance”?

There were 21 Visual companies, 12 Sound design studies, 1 editor, 1 graphic Designer so was quite a few people. They are from all over the globe as well and was a great way to meet some of your idols of the industry.

Was it difficult to coordinate that many artists?

It was, at times, but to be honest all the artists are true professionals and knew what they needed to do. The hardest thing to manage was the time difference. As it was a global project, I found myself a lot of the time emailing throughout the night.

How long did development take?

From the original idea to the premiere at OFFF Barcelona there were 9 months.

Given the interpretation of light and sound as waveforms, is there a deeper connection than the obvious in “Resonance”?

Not really. It was a great title to bring our project together but there was no real deep meaning behind the project apart from having fun meeting new people and creating great work.

Sometimes, resonance is sought, allowing, for instance, the receival of radio signals. Other times, reaching resonance means failure, as it happens for bridges or buildings during earthquakes. Where would you situate the resonance frequency of “Resonance”?

I think it would be a jet engine within a ships engine room next to a nuclear bomb blast. Resonance is a crazy mixture of so many things… I think that’s the beauty of it, hopefully there is something for everyone.

Everything vibrates. In each of “Resonance’s” clips, there is at least one element that depicts a form of vibration. Was this accidental, or was it imposed as a theme to the participating artists?

My brief to the Artists was to investigate the relationship between geometry and audio. I didn’t give any more direction. All of the work was the individuals’ vision which is exactly what we wanted.

How did most artist pairs work: first video then audio, or was it a mix of efforts?

It was a real mix, some of the visuals were driven by the audio, sometimes the audio was done after the visuals were finished. I know that for a few of them there was real collaboration between the two parties and so the visual artists got their idea of audio across and vice versa.

What future projects are in store for you?

As well as some really exciting commercial projects with SR Partners I am working on a new collaborative project with Damien Steck called Parasite Choi, there are 15 visual vfx artists visualizing their vision of a parasite and integrating it with shot footage.

Thanks for the chance to explain our process and hope and everyone enjoys the film. This project was a success down to the amazing talents of all the artists involved, without their visions Resonance would have been nothing.

Questions | Vel Thora

Answers | Simon Jones

photo | Resonance. 2011. Movie still

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