The following article was published in N-SPHERE March 2012 issue.


The last dialogue took almost forever to find its way to the tips of his fingers, but even so, it seems that the pen’s dried up or the ink is of a lesser brand.

“Do you consider yourself worthy of the pen but too small and insignificant for the words?” “I do not know. You have been absent for months, dialogue became scarce, monologue became almost fake. Seems that everyone has lost their touch. Or their talent, if indeed there was talent to be found somewhere.” “That is a good question. Didn’t think you could come up with something new. Anyway, some sort of rebranding is necessary. Your authenticity is decaying. The ‘originality’ is taking a circular spin. Or perhaps you cannot exist outside the beaten path. And that would be … regretful. I think some characters got used to your presence and your disappearance would sadden them needlessly.” “So what you’re really saying is… !?”

“My dear, this is neither fashion, so you can try on various combinations, nor some hip attitude. You must be better than this. A whole lot better.” “I was wondering where the off-duty teacher in you went. I see your old habits die as hard as anyone’s. I ponder still if to congratulate you or ignore you completely. But unfortunately, I may yet have to find some use for you… as a convenient presence, as some entity to be blamed for anything and everything, as a cheap late hour chat or some other form of light entertainment or intellectual activity.”

Is that a spark of the old vanity once worn so graciously? Is that a last minute sniff of magic powder for the bold and disoriented?

text by Bahak B

artwork by Vel Thora

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