The following article was published in N-SPHERE May 2012 issue.

Name: Ramiro Tapia

Location: Salamanca, ESPAÑA.

Occupation: Painter.

Definition of personal sphere: My special sensibility toward the spiritual occurrences of my consciousness. My philias, my phobias, in general terms, everything that surround me turn out through a filter which lately impulses me to translate it into an imagery gifted by quite diverse interpretations, according to my state of mind in that moment. For that reason, my artwork is so versatile and heterogeneous.

Artwork in 4 words: Dreams, feelings, wishes, introspection.

What is inspirational for you: Odd and attracting passages reproduced within the labyrinths of my brain, impregnated in certain emotional moments of my life. I only work on that stuff which leaks over the external milieu, transformed through my keys which automatically configure them in those lucubrating dreams, that is »my dreams«.

Currently favourite artists: Bosh, Brueghel, Paul Klee, Kandinsky, Picaso and the illustrators Arthur Rackham, Gustav Doré and Aubrey Beardsley, between many others.

Tools of trade: Oil paintings, Acrylics, Watercolors, Gouache, Inks, a varied sort of dusts with paintbrushes and sticks, scourers and diverse other tools.

Current obsessions: Capturing symbologies that shake and shudder my soul, recomposing sequences which satisfy my receptive and alerted senses like the tentacles of the subaquatic plants in the pursuit of feed.

Personal temptation: Put the finger on the eyes of those people who hold the power and who want massacre us in life, even the citizens whose occupy exclusively giving the heart with all its blood to our ideals, and to our creative visions. We who walk through other paths, strange to the vulgarity of the markets, to the bastard aspirations of the common, those unsatisfied and ambitious mediocres who hold that power acquired with the corruption; annihilating life, annihilating woods, floras, faunas, waters, airs, and contaminating the blue color of this poor planet at the expense of enrich, even more, its inflated, excessive and putrefied treasuries.

Ingress: ramirotapia.com

Translation from Spanish: Iván Elvira

Artwork: Ramiro Tapia. 1970. Acorazada. Courtesy of the artist.

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