The following article was published in N-SPHERE Omega.

Name: Predrag Pajdic

Location: London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Artist, Author, Curator, Editor

Definition of personal sphere:
There can be no definition of personal sphere as I am completely against the boxing and labeling of creativity. How can one label something which occurs organically, perhaps spontaneously and always passionately? To be free of labels and to continuously create with every breath in and out, is the only sphere worth occupying.

Artwork in 4 words: Make Your Mind Up

What is inspirational for you: Everything that is not limited or defined by ten words or less.

Currently favourite artists: How many can I put? To include just a few would exclude so many and every day brings exciting inspiration.

Tools of trade: Atoms and molecules, did I say in all shapes and forms? Ah yes, I did.

Current obsessions: This afternoon, it was tiny plastic objects that made me laugh and the reconnection with the past linking to a bright future, yesterday it was rest and grace after the exhausting but rewarding launch of my book Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks as my incredible supporters and friends had traveled literally from all over the world to attend and tomorrow, well, tomorrow will most likely be the next concept to develop.

Personal temptation: Beauty, I am eternally tempted by beauty in every shape and form, both dark and light. Just beauty. It’s always about beauty.


Artwork: Predrag Pajdic. Noetic corpus: Sojourn of the Soul. Part of series. Courtesy of the artist

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The following article was published in N-SPHERE September 2012 issue.


Name: Jon Macnair

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Occupation: Artist/Illustrator

Definition of personal sphere: My work is a conglomeration of different influences and inspirations that have accumulated in my brain since I was a little kid. It’s hard to define all those exactly, or rather, it would take a long time. All those things have been filtered through my eyes and the way in which I view the world. The end result is my artwork. I don’t expect people to fully understand my art, what it means or why I do it. If I knew the answers to those questions, I probably wouldn’t be creating things in the first place. Making art is what I love to do, and I don’t like to over analyze it. I try to avoid measuring success in monetary terms or fame, but more so whether people can connect with the work and get something from it, whatever that may be.

Artwork in 4 words: Narrative, mythic, ominous, otherworldly

What is inspirational for you: Nature, myths, imaginary creatures, ancient civilizations, Renaissance art, surrealism

Currently favourite artists: Harry Clarke, Alfred Kubin, John Vassos

Tools of trade: Pen, ink, brush, paper, watercolors, pencil

Current obsessions: Russian fairy tales, Bela Bartok, terrariums

Personal temptation: Bookstores


Artwork: Jon Macnair. 2008. No Bad Deed Goes Unpunished. Courtesy of the artist.

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The following article was published in N-SPHERE August 2012 issue.


Name: gea*

Location: New York

Occupation: Artist, pseudo UFOlogist, cinephile, cat friend person

Definition of personal sphere: The constant urge to create

Artwork in 4 words: Subconscious, undisciplined, pop, memoir

What is inspirational for you: Cinema, sweet sounds, never ceasing to learn, my friends, the ocean

Currently favourite artists: Ichiba Daisuke, Trevor Brown, Stu Mead, Marie-Pierre Brunel

Tools of trade: Acrylics, ink, video, computer etc.

Current obsessions: My dead cat, Criterion DVDs

Personal temptation: To stop everything


Artwork: gea*. Potpourri. Courtesy of the artist.

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The following article was published in N-SPHERE July 2012 issue.


Name: Niels Geybels

Location: Antwerpen, Belgium.

Occupation: Visual artist, graphic designer and musician.

Definition of personal sphere: Beneath the Earth. In the Endless Void. Amongst the Shadow of the Monolith.

Artwork in 4 words: Black Shapes – White Noise.

What is inspirational for you: Music, books, nature. And mainly the people that I surround myself with.

Currently favourite artists: John Jansen, Zen Zsigo, Faith Coloccia, Joseph Beuys, Richard Long. Jhonn Balance & Peter Christopherson.

Tools of trade: Paper. Paint & ink. Xerox machine.

Current obsessions: Death. Alchemy. Cassettes. Science-fiction.

Personal temptation: Despondency.


Artwork: Niels Geybels. 2011. Voidness III. Courtesy of the artist.

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The following article was published in N-SPHERE June 2012 issue.

Name: Taida Celi

Location: Norway

Occupation: Photographer

Definition of personal sphere: A concrete definition is still too confusing to describe, but I would say something like: What lurks beneath the surface, penetrating the unknown. An never-ending journey which challenges and wonders.

Artwork in 4 words: Transformation, intuitive, transcendental, eclectic

What is inspirational for you: Knowing that everything is a remix, and there are no limits. Inspiration is for me when applying ordinary tools of thoughts to existing materials. Picking up knowledge from the masters, but also from great underrated artists. On the other side: a great painting always stir my imagination more often than a photograph.

Currently favourite artists: Edvard Munch, my all time favorite artist it is long since he perished, but there are many contemporary artists whose work I adore, and Viviane Sassen is one of them.

Tools of trade: To this day only digital, but maybe film also someday.

Current obsessions: Currently things we cannot escape, and always too much sugar in my coffee.

Personal temptation: Unpredictable melancholy.


Artwork: Taida Celi. 2011. Birth. Courtesy of the artist.

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The following article was published in N-SPHERE May 2012 issue.

Name: Ramiro Tapia

Location: Salamanca, ESPAÑA.

Occupation: Painter.

Definition of personal sphere: My special sensibility toward the spiritual occurrences of my consciousness. My philias, my phobias, in general terms, everything that surround me turn out through a filter which lately impulses me to translate it into an imagery gifted by quite diverse interpretations, according to my state of mind in that moment. For that reason, my artwork is so versatile and heterogeneous.

Artwork in 4 words: Dreams, feelings, wishes, introspection.

What is inspirational for you: Odd and attracting passages reproduced within the labyrinths of my brain, impregnated in certain emotional moments of my life. I only work on that stuff which leaks over the external milieu, transformed through my keys which automatically configure them in those lucubrating dreams, that is »my dreams«.

Currently favourite artists: Bosh, Brueghel, Paul Klee, Kandinsky, Picaso and the illustrators Arthur Rackham, Gustav Doré and Aubrey Beardsley, between many others.

Tools of trade: Oil paintings, Acrylics, Watercolors, Gouache, Inks, a varied sort of dusts with paintbrushes and sticks, scourers and diverse other tools.

Current obsessions: Capturing symbologies that shake and shudder my soul, recomposing sequences which satisfy my receptive and alerted senses like the tentacles of the subaquatic plants in the pursuit of feed.

Personal temptation: Put the finger on the eyes of those people who hold the power and who want massacre us in life, even the citizens whose occupy exclusively giving the heart with all its blood to our ideals, and to our creative visions. We who walk through other paths, strange to the vulgarity of the markets, to the bastard aspirations of the common, those unsatisfied and ambitious mediocres who hold that power acquired with the corruption; annihilating life, annihilating woods, floras, faunas, waters, airs, and contaminating the blue color of this poor planet at the expense of enrich, even more, its inflated, excessive and putrefied treasuries.


Translation from Spanish: Iván Elvira

Artwork: Ramiro Tapia. 1970. Acorazada. Courtesy of the artist.

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The following article was published in N-SPHERE April 2012 issue.


Name: James R Ford, esquire! Actually I just go by Jim Ford, or my alias Rebeletter Studios.

Location: Location, location. I live in fantasy land. A secluded small town in the Midwest, where people modestly work hard and don’t go too far.

Occupation: Whatever I’m hired for, I’m a man of many hats. Sometimes I’m a type designer, and when I am, I’m doing better than usual. Sometimes it’s graphic art or design for bands and companies… and sometimes I’m just a desperate schmuck laboring and painting houses to »make the rent.« I’m also a very proud father, all the time.

Definition of personal sphere: Not sure if I can answer that, I usually leave explanation and interpretation to the spectator. Apologies if I filibuster this. The viewer is a significant role-player in art, so I’m more interested in their reactions. And the way I was raised, talking about myself and my work seems arrogant, so I avoid that most of the time. I hope to be undefined though. I work in various modes and like to refer to it as »playing in different sandboxes.« If I could I would try most everything once, there’s something to working outside your comfort zone and attempting to excel in that. I always admired the masters who worked in different mediums and styles. I don’t finish everything, admittedly – work is sometimes abandoned or set aside. So there are always a variety of unfinished projects lying around. If something isn’t captivating enough or just isn’t working, I go onto something else that is. Of course, if its a work without a deadline. There’s a »moving forward« mentality, which I sort of carry on from some of my heroes, particularly Marcel Duchamp and also Miles Davis. There are phases, and periods of change; you can’t ever nail it down conclusively. I still have a long way to go.

The best artistic expressions for me are spontaneous and almost free form, despite the fact they may be consciously designed or preconceived. I’m somewhat impatient, to a degree; which is probably part of the reason I’ve gravitated toward the collage craft as a medium. Because it’s fast, loud, questionable and compositionally intensive. Motion and cubism are a significant study in my repetoir – the analytical and synthetic approaches, and perspective. I don’t like drawing or painting pictures of things that already exist, although I can do that just fine. The process just isn’t that exciting. So my personal sphere is one of exploration into the obscure, nonsensical creation, invention, animation…expansion and subtraction, compositions within compositions. Although it would appear that room is often left open for improvisation and expression [which is true], I often have a plan. Again, the sphere is very difficult to explain. Ask me in 30 years.

Artwork in 4 words: Conviction, Movement, Expansion, Process.

What is inspirational for you: Anything from the Rocky soundtrack, that Moby song from the 90s… [laughs] Music and sound, history, quotations, sayings, album covers, punk flyers, film, photography, design, nature, seclusion, hallucinations, dreams. Late nights alone in my house.

Currently favourite artists: Hmm… If I were reading this interview, I would be amused if the artist was uninhibited enough to just come out and say »My favorite artist is Me.« But I’m inspired by all kinds of artists, and designers too. Pop art, punk art, poster artists, illustrators. Marcel Duchamp has been my art Godfather; his work and his insights speak to me, so I channel him sometimes when I’m questioning artistic things. I’m a Gen X kid that daydreams about life in a different time, I’ve been that way as long as I can remember. Anyway, I also dig Man Ray, Escher, Rauschenburg, Warhol and Da Vinci…there are others in the heavyweight class. In the literary art world, Charles Bukowski is someone who stands out to me, although I don’t read enough. Beyond that, there are a handful of living contemporaries who I admire and follow. Conviction, vision and uncompromising honesty are things that I value, so I tend to gravitate to artists who display those qualities. I dig bold characters and rule-breakers who shoot straight from the hip. Not into small-talkers, happy-go-lucky types, or intellectuals for that matter. I have issues with society. There’s dirt on everyone but I like to think I can relate to most people, or try anyway. On the contrary, I’m sort of isolated in my own little world, like many of us.

Tools of trade: Anything in arm’s reach! Hands, eyes and brain of course. Usually a glue stick, Exacto knife or scissors, Sharpies, paper, magazines, a copy machine and a camera. Occasionally a computer will intervene, but moreso in my work than my art.

Current obsessions: 60s jazz and Motown, phallic shapes, Irish Cream in my coffee, Mad Men, photo illusion, fedoras, astrology. Richard Nixon – the character, and his nose. Reflections and shadows. Nonsensical word inventions. Tweeting my unwanted thoughts. Typography and letterforms as always, circles, squares, triangles, cocks, balls…you know, that kinda stuff.

Personal temptation: Sex, romance, impulsive decisions…not in any particular order. I’m a sucker for love, its my Achilles’ heel. But I’m faithful!

Artwork: Jim Ford. Monosphere. 11 x 15″ antique collage. Courtesy of the artist.

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The following article was published in N-SPHERE March 2012 issue.


Name: Stanka Koleva

Location: Berlin, Germany

Occupation: Photographer

Definition of personal sphere: Art is the purest way  of interpreting our inner self as well as actualizing the unknown manifestations of Cosmic Life. Human nature and mutual relations  are necessary components that I utilize in my works, along with intuition, which is the most essential and uncertain element of the artistic act.

Artwork in 4 words: Silence, prayer, faith and scream

What is inspirational for you: Every living creature. I believe we all pertain to something much more than the materialistic and organic dynamic; we communicate not with words, but with senses.

Currently favourite artists: Sally Mann.

Tools of trade: Gelatin-Silver Prints.

Current obsessions: Paper letter writing.

Personal temptation: Chocolate.

Artwork: Stanka Koleva. Not Enough. Courtesy of the artist.

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The following article was published in N-SPHERE February 2012 issue.


Name:Terence Hannum

Location: Baltimore, United States

Occupation: Art Professor

Definition of personal sphere: Ritual and Music Subcultures

Artwork in 4 words: Profane, Sacred, Abject, Sublime

What is inspirational for you: Researching rituals and rites, myths and codes, subcultures I have no experience with.  Reading a lot in the field of ritual studies.

Currently favourite artists: Isa Genzken, Sean Dack, Thomas Scheibitz, Nicholas Lobo, Richard Serra’s drawings, Brian Ulrich, Sterling Ruby.

Tools of trade: Gouache, black paper, xerox machine, laser cutter, oil paint, wooden panels, oscillators, sub woofers

Current obsessions: Good not generic Death Metal, Michel de Montaigne, burning cassette tapes, my newborn son.

Personal temptation: Sloth.

Artwork: Terence Hannum. Profane Sepulcher. Gouache on Paper. 2010. Courtesy of the artist.

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The following article was published in N-SPHERE January 2012 issue.


Name: Seth Siro Anton

Location: Athens, Greece

Occupation: Fine Artist (Painting and Photography, Mixed technique) – Musician – Digital Designer D.T.P.

Definition of personal sphere: “Dreams are valuable, because they release the primordial chaos in our neurons, annihilating the power of time/space continuum. When I am painting, I am trying to emulate the conscious state of lucid dreaming. Besides, a dream is actually a canvas filled with images (and much more) from the subconscious, with responsible artist the Hyper Ego. The difference between the worlds of light and darkness, is that in the first one we use tools that carry specific capabilities and limitations in order to materialize the dream. In the world of light we must first learn how to operate these tools consciously, as “bridges” crossing our thoughts over to the canvas of matter. While creating art, my primal effort is to remain coordinated with my dream self, the one always watching behind my eyes, the ultimate one that is touched by the reflection of colors through light. I consider my art, a dark portal to things forbidden, freed from the safeguarding valve of Reason. My works are distorting dream mirrors of the body and soul. And the people attracted to the specific Art forms, are essentially attracted by the reflected dream world.”

Artwork in 3 words: Distorting dream mirrors.

What is inspirational for you: Everything and Nothing…

Currently favourite artists: Francis Bacon, Leonardo Da Vinci, Robert Rauschenberg, Joel Peter Witkin, Egon Schiele, Pablo Picasso, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Art of Ancient Egypt and Greece.

Tools of trade: Acrylics, Collage with papers, Photographs and other materials (Mixed technique), Adobe Photoshop/Corel Painter

Current obsessions: Seek and research, record and observe.

Personal temptation: I don’t have temptations.

Artwork: Seth Siro Anton. The Widow. 2007. Courtesy of the artist.

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