The following article was published in N-SPHERE November 2011 issue.


Name: Timothy Andrew Wilson

Location: Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Occupation: Artist, Game Developer

Definition of personal sphere:

It’s a restless place, uncommitted to any particular medium and defined by a broad set of ideas that winnow, mugging and petting, jostling about, until one generative nub remains as a fulcrum upon which I teeter like a goon.

Increasingly, making art seems like a kind of head-sickness in the psychological sense, in that I am compelled to do it, obsessively, often to the detriment of other things more dearly held – and this not to be melodramatic, merely an observation of myself and others of a similar bent. Matters of etiology, you could say.  I should be thankful this odd compulsion  enjoys a cultural heritage of Function, however suspect.

Because I have rarely shows my work or attempt to reach a public, the art can afford to be the result of mad work and the process  can ride first and foremost, unconcerned with observer or audience, like Chango riding a dancer’s head. This can lead to shite of course, and often does. But if the generative impulse lends sufficient energy and direction, the process invariably arrives at a surprising, revelatory place.

It’s like being shot from a circus cannon. In whimsically festooned costume and silver safety-helmet, I’m never quite sure if this generative impulse will land in a seven-stage photo-print, a painting or doodle, a comic, a film, a computer game scenario or a massive skin-collage, whatever, as it goes…  But the idea will eventually demand a form – and from there it’s all about just lighting the fuse. Sometimes you land in the crowd and sometimes you shoot through the tent flaps, into the manure.

Artwork in 4 words:

Process bound, interrogating effusively.

What is inspirational for you: A few things: any form of mark-making on paper, scribbles, jots, scumbles, ink spills, desiccation, mold contamination, stains, and any form of paper ephemera featuring the unmitigated presence of an artist’s hand. Robots making out and canoodling, so passionately that sparks fly from their commingling jowls. And, in no particular order: Gnostic and Hermetic cosmogony, golden age comics and popular illustration, human coexistence with specially distinct hominids, Neanderthal culture, ancient religiosity associated with the precession of equinoxes, Nazi Survival Mythology with it’s attendant Ariosophical claptrap, Indian Miniature and European Narrative painting, German Romanticism, graphical evidence of Chance, Tielhard de Chardin, medieval woodcuts, Catholic book illumination and, lastly, context-reduced science photography – particularly of the electro-generated, utilitarian variety.

Currently favourite artists: Max Ernst, Sid Couchey, Warren Kremer,  Robert Fludd, Dan Estabrook, David Lynch, Duchamp and, more importantly, many “lesser known” artists, fellow travellers discovered on street corners, bar-stools and the internet and who are always a source of inspiration – Sylvestre Anasse, for example, or Farel Dalrymple. All told, I’m attracted to artists who display grace and who prove nimble in the face of change, who build on top of themselves in clumsy aggregates, or sometimes graceful like feeding coral.

Tools of trade: Canon T1i – lately with Pentax K-mount lenses, iron salts, inkjet and ‘pigment’ prints, digitally produced negatives/transparencies, wax medium, acrylic paint and gel dispersants, gouache, Prismacolor pencils, tapes and adhesives of all variety, oil-sticks, chalk pastels, soft graphite pencils, Modo, After Effects, Photoshop, tiny medical grade scissors  - the best for cutting! – and X-Acto knives.

Current obsessions:

Cyanotypes, obviously, I can’t get enough of this process. It’s rare to find a medium so malleable, so full of surprise, excitement and sullen hi-jinks.But it always maintains a cold distance that lets you eat your own ass, dot your own eye. And this is good. Unforgiving, but forgetful – beautiful, but a little sallow in the cheek.

Another recent obsession has been encaustic medium, the wax of bees mixed with ship-sealing sap; burying my work under this mix is compelling, it seems to struggle at trapping light. A noble endeavor!  The encaustic, occurring as it has been during a work’s final stages, takes on a funereal air similar to a sympathetic ritual, dimly understood. And though I’ve always been fascinated by occult experience, lately this has turned on so-called “threshold” areas found on the borders of the quotidian, at the edge of deep trance, meditation, hypnagogic states or near-death experience. The phenomena of this space – the dwellers therein, the manifestations –  are remarkably consistent across culture and time – a fruitful, if reticent, subject for investigation.

Personal temptation: Frankly, I’m tempted toward turning my back on contemporary Western Civilization and moving to a Shack In The Woods. Much as Rimbaud abruptly shed a life of poetry for the trading of slaves, I could spend the latter half of my life trading in beaver pelts, doe skin fanny-packs, and crudely painted river stones. Maybe I could find the time to pen a few convoluted pronunciamentos, arriving by rocket mail. I’d also love to slice off a year to make a feature film or a fat graphic novel – Either would be fine.

Artwork: Timothy Andrew Wilson. Bicameral Loserism, from Cosmonautical Autoportraiture. 2011. Toned cyanotype with gelatin on vellum. Courtesy of the artist.

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The following article was published in N-SPHERE October 2011 issue.


Name: Santiago Caruso

Location: Quilmes City, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Occupation: Artist, illustrator

Definition of personal sphere: I am dark, ironic and dramatic. Luminous, sensitive and humorous.

Artwork in 4 words: Decadent, speaking silently poetry.

What is inspirational for you: My inspiration is the occult, the mystery of life, the fatalities, the oppression of the world system, the grotesque, the marginalized people.

Currently favourite artists: Gustave Moreau, Odilon Redon, Alfred Kubin, Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Goya, Giuseppe Ribera and many others.

Tools of trade: 4B Pencil, ink and cutter, watercolors and brushes, sponge, paper, patience, constancy, time. Scanner.

Current obsessions: Synthesis, Atmospheres, Different compositions, less details.

Personal temptation: To have my own Press title and to publish what I want without deal with market limitations or publisher’s limitation.

Artwork: Santiago Caruso. Pibes Fuera del Sistema. Courtesy of the artist.


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The following article was published in N-SPHERE September 2011 issue.


Name: Quadreria Romantico Seriale is an alias, an impersonal project. This choice is an homage to the premodern art, when the Idea, the Structure and the Act were relevant, not an individualistic name.

Location: QRS was generated in Italy, on an ancient pilgrimage road named Via Francigena.

Occupation: QRS works as an instrument, a uniform, a function referring to a metaphysical order.

Definition of personal sphere: QRS is a pictorial project for a “born posthumously” ecclesia. A style for tactile gazes. The “Quadreria” is Romantic because it believes in the Mith’s action. It’s Serial because it lives (and reacts) in this “serial age”, among digital skins and reproducible souls.

Artwork in 4 words: Will. Mask. Rank. Rule.

What is inspirational for you: The courage. The ritualistic and cultural art. The monumental and the fragmentary. Gottfried Benn’s Doric world.

Currently favourite artists: QRS attends the ancient flemish painters, a group of viveurs and one situationnist. It’s opposed to the contemporary creativity, which is “so updated”, “so informed” and consumed by civilization. There is
an anthropological incompatibility between these aspects and the “serial romantic” attitudes.

Tools of trade: Everything that can be used to make a sign, to define a shape. Not only for an artwork.

Current obsessions: Obsessionally against the invasive presence of the “nice and friendly” vacuity. QRS is looking for a spiritual, affirming and sober form of beauty.

Personal temptation: QRS has desires and fears, but, for its nature, it hasn’t any kind of temptation. At the moment it has this deep desire: an Art actualized in the daily life. For a new Beginning, and for the End.

Artwork: Quadreria Romantico Seriale. Non Est. 2010. Oil and silver acrylic on board 29,7×21 cm. Courtesy of the artist.


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The following article was published in N-SPHERE August 2011 issue.


Name: Symon Chow

Location: Brooklyn, New York. United States

Occupation: Photographer and Graphic Designer

Definition of personal sphere: I guess it would be my drive to remember and be remembered, “The Persistence of Memory”, if you would. Also, doing something that matters to me is a big factor, because as most of my friends can tell you, I’m completely useless if I have no interest in it. I don’t really consider the photos I take to be necessarily, “art”. To me they are more like snaps-shots for me to put in my scrapbook to reminisce about at a later date, but if someone stumbles upon them and enjoys them as well, then all the better!

Artwork in 4 words: Passion Greed Personal Peace

What is inspirational for you: Memories, Stories, Perceptions, Francesca

Currently favourite artists: BD Miller, Matthew Larkin, EJ Bellocq, and all the underrated creatives on the internet

Tools of trade: Fingers, Eyes, Grey Matter, and lots of screen space

Current obsessions: Cameras (old and new), Chicken, and The Little-Man

Personal temptation: Chicken

Artwork: by Symon Chow


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The following article was published in N-SPHERE July 2011 issue.


Name: Hollis Brown Thornton

Location: Aiken, SC

Occupation: Artist

Definition of personal sphere: I try to take things from either my personal history (like family photographs) or popular culture and work those images into a broader analysis of how past ideas merge with modern sensibilities.

Artwork in 4 words: Pixels Memory Erosion Turtles

What is inspirational for you: On an artistic level, young artists that don’t have a lot of resources working away with absolutely no one knowing what they are up to, purely of desire. There is nothing like that dedication and perseverance.

Currently favourite artists: Famous – Cy Twombly, Peter Doig, and Matthew Barney; Not Famous (yet) – Vrno, Roberto Calbucci, and Clare Grille

Tools of trade: Acrylic paint, permanent markers, masking tape, xacto knives, photocopies, and Photoshop

Current obsessions: Behind my studio is a rather large garden. 100+ tomato plants, squash, sweet potatoes, okra, asparagus, black berries, etc. Every summer, like it or not, that is my obsession, keeping plants alive and weeds dead.

Personal temptation: Playing video games. I had an Atari when I was 5. The way games have evolved, being able to experience that, it is a very impressive history.

Artwork: Howl


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The following article was published in N-SPHERE June 2011 issue.


Name: Laura Wächter

Location: Granada (Spain)

Occupation: Fine arts student & metamorphic being.

Definition of personal sphere: It’s a hard to make a definition, that hard that I think I have no words for that. It’s still too confusing and there is too much information flying around my head.

Artwork in 4 words: Passion, expression, intellect and poetry.

What is inspirational for you: I feel very inspired by all related with deep humanity and high things and feelings, sometimes a bit decadent and absurd, but very elevated as well. Maybe I could say as example the novel The plague, by Albert Camus.

Currently favourite artists: Caravaggio, Quay Brothers, Jan Svankmajer, Gabriel Cornelius Von Max, Nicolas Henri Jacob, Ilya Repin, Odd Nerdrum, José de Ribera, Honoré Daumier, Otto Dix and much much more.

Tools of trade: Photoshop & Wacom tablet, Oils, Clay, modeling paste…

Current obsessions: Books, human nature, sculpture and insects, but I become obsessed very easily, so maybe I could tell you another words if you ask me next week again.

Personal temptation: Conquer Europe.

Artwork: Devoción e indiferencia


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The following article was published in N-SPHERE May 2011 issue.


Name: John Santerineross

Location: Athens, Georgia, USA

Occupation: Photographer

Definition of personal sphere: Somewhere between this reality and the one in my head I share with my demons.

Artwork in 4 words: Primal, introspective, exposing, honest.

What is inspirational for you: The world around me, the people in this world, the interaction of one human being to another, the way we perceive who we are, what we believe, why we believe it and the conflict that comes in trying to rectify these.

Currently favourite artists: My inspirations are Jan Saudek and Irina Ionesco, but I have many artist friends around the world who I respect such as: Saturno Butto from Italy; Ken-Ichi Murata, Japan; Alessandro Bavari, Italy; Derek Caballero, USA.

Tools of trade: At this moment Nikon D7000 camera.

Current obsessions: At this moment I have become very obsessed with firearms and building a bomb shelter, but that is just right now.

Personal temptation: Beautiful women, coffee, cheesecake, Beer, Humus.

Artwork: Dream


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The following article was published in N-SPHERE April 2011 issue.


Name: Christopher Conn Askew

Location: My soul is in Antarctica, my mind is in Dreamland, and my body is, at the moment, in San Francisco.

Occupation: I feel like my work is very illustrative in style, so I tend to describe myself as an illustrator, but I almost never take commissions anymore, and the only commercial work I’ll do is for book publishers, and that very rarely. I spend most of my time drawing and painting whatever I like, so perhaps painter would be a more accurate term.

Definition of personal sphere: The worlds I hold inside.

Artwork in 4 words: Martyrdom, luxury, nocturnal, mystery.

What is inspirational for you: I derive most of my inspiration from dream states (natural or induced), incessant reading and music, and from cats.

Currently favourite artists: Most of my very favorite artists have long since perished, but there are many contemporary artists whose work I adore. I’m sure that later I’ll think of all kinds of names I would add, but, off the top of my head, here goes: Maruo Suehiro, Jessica Joslin, Jared Joslin, Walton Ford, Balint Zsako, Julie Heffernan, Horoshi Hirakawa, Tor Lundvall, Fuyuku Matsui, Vania Zouravliov, Nick Blinko, Tino Rodriguez…

Tools of trade: Pencils, crowquill pens, brushes, inks and paints, heavy papers, drafting equipment, nail polish, gold leaf, cigarettes.

Current obsessions: Blind Ganges river dolphins, Spain, transcendence, printmaking, concertinas, ontology.

Personal temptation: To take up a monastic lifestyle.

Artwork: Fox


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The following article was published in N-SPHERE March 2011 issue.


Name: Alexander Sterzel

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Occupation: Artist

Definition of personal sphere: I just can’t help it.

Artwork in 3 words: L’art pour l’art.

What is inspirational for you: The life of Riley and human abysms.

Currently favourite artists: Albrecht Dürer, Matthew Barney, Max Ernst.

Tools of trade: Oil colour, ink, faded photographs.

Current obsessions: The music of Richard Wagner.

Personal temptation: Female pronounced clavicula.

Artwork: Untitled


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The following article was published in N-SPHERE january 2011 issue.


Name: Kristamas Klousch

Location: Montreal, Canada

Occupation: Selfportrait Artist/Photographer

Definition of personal sphere: [not answered]

Artwork in 4 words: Creating, exploring, self expression, passion.

What is inspirational for you: Exploring the forest where I live, visual language.

Currently favourite artists: Aleksandr Rodchenko, Francesca Woodman, Joel Peter-Witkin, Cindy Sherman, Lewis Carroll, Julia Margaret Cameron, Marilyn Manson. The list is never ending and always changing.

Tools of trade: Various cameras – always a remote and tripod.

Current obsessions: Russian avante garde cinema.

Personal temptation: Cupcakes.

Artwork: I live in a cemetery of dolls


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