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The following text pertains to copyright issues related to the content of the N-Sphere Art Magazine.

The N-Sphere Art Magazine transfers copyright only in case of written text, except for literary works, should they be defined as such. All authors and featured artists retain copyright of their visual works, be they photographs, scans or digital reproductions of any artwork created by other means, and literary works respectively.

The N-Sphere Art Magazine may be reproduced partially in other mediums than the Spheres Gallery website only accompanied by the hosting link ( and, if not visible, the standard identifier ISSN 2068 – 620X together with the magazine name N-Sphere. The reproduction may only be used for personal purposes. Comercial reproduction of the magazine without the written agreement of the Spheres Gallery is strictly forbidden. Printing of the magazine is subject to discussion with the editorial team and is strictly forbidden until such time an agreement has been reached. The reproduction of all materials presented in the N-Sphere magazine may not be altered, visual artworks may not be removed from their pages, credits may not be removed, text may not be overlaid on top of the reproduction.


Commercial purposes :: the use or posting of articles for commercial gain including the posting by companies for use by customers of such companies; commercial exploitation such as directly associating advertising with such postings; the charging of fees for document access; the systematic distribution to others via e-mail lists or list servers for a fee.

Personal use :: authors may use the previously defined partial reproduction for promoting their own artwork.