The following article was published in N-SPHERE March 2009 issue.


Name: Thomas Martin Ekelund

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Occupation: Graphic Designer, Musician and Visual Artist

Definition of personal sphere: I Stand On The Inside, Looking Out.

Artwork in 4 words: Attempting To Achieve Balance

What is inspirational for you: Right now I draw most of my inspiration from the Golden Ratio and geometry.

Currently favourite artists: Fibbonacci, Jan Tschichold, John Dee, Emmanuel Swedenborg, David Tibet, Hermes Trimegistus….

Tools of trade: Computer, camera, ruler, x-acto knife, cutting mat, scissors, paper, pens and pencils, ink, paint, duct tape, old magazines, Illustrator, Photoshop….

Current obsessions: The 1920′s, Geometry, the Golden Section, German Expressionism, Art Nouveaux and Alchemy.

Personal temptation: Absinthe.


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