The following article was published in N-SPHERE May 2009 issue.


Name: Kleanthis Paraskevopoulos

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Occupation: Ex-pharmacist (until 2000), freelance graphic designer (part-time), but mostly labour and paperwork multitasking within a matrix of family circumstances (full time)

Definition of personal sphere: I combat accelerating windmills

Artwork in 4 words: Reverse Post-Dream Engineering

What is inspirational for you: Trains, downtown cities, errors in speech, misreading, mistyping, false punctuation,chinese spam, the absurd lag of time between the body waking up and the brain correspondingly following.

Currently favourite artists: George Méliès, Matthew Barney, PJ Harvey, Mike Leigh, Lars Von Trier, Salvador Dali, Monty Pythons

Tools of trade: Broken / amputated toys, anything from bitten fruit to pyjamas, retro print (magazines, brochures, product catalogues, encyclopaedias, realpeople’s correspondence 1900–1950s), photoshop (and some illustrator or corel draw), pen tool and patience

Current obsessions: Russian constructivism, dada, surrealism, art nouveau, human / machine interaction, trash tv, dark cabaret genre, 1920s music boxes, recording own music, the balkans, geography, deserted mines, artificial intelligence, quantum physics, nanotechnology, mast cells

Personal temptation: Casshew nuts

Artwork: Lady Ovarrea


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