The following article was published in N-SPHERE September 2011 issue.


A passer-by once told me, in the applause of unknown spectators, that he thought the idea obsolete, and that my efforts will do little good to help those around me with their own burdens.

I was told that not all want to be saved, even if from my childish point of view I see myself as some sort of out of date knight in not so shiny armor, version 1.5, with some bugs fixed and others self generated, not yet the laughing stock of the modern “hero of the day” archetype but somehow close by.

I was told that the man in me is crippled, broken and puny, specialized in mopping up ruins and dealing with currencies long excluded from the trade, and it was shown to me the hilariousness of every sunrise, true kiss, and meaningful smile.

It was shown to me how the magic of the mirrors twists and distorts even the simplest of perceptions, turning it into a haze out of which undoubtedly one always comes out darker than one was. It was shown to me the cold and heartless behind the mirror of their dishonest eyes.

Finally an angry flashback reminded me I’m not as invincible as I thought I was, and so, in the fading of the clouds up above, the grasshopper’s relentless piercing noise keeps me almost sane, not so sane however as to fully and completely deny the use and opportunity of a complete makeover. Such will be the circumstances of the future, and, whatever the end they will bring, one must understand and grasp the grand scheme of things to some extent.

My brain just went into “safe mode”.



text & artwork by Bahak B


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