The following article was published in N-SPHERE January 2012 issue.


Name: Seth Siro Anton

Location: Athens, Greece

Occupation: Fine Artist (Painting and Photography, Mixed technique) – Musician – Digital Designer D.T.P.

Definition of personal sphere: “Dreams are valuable, because they release the primordial chaos in our neurons, annihilating the power of time/space continuum. When I am painting, I am trying to emulate the conscious state of lucid dreaming. Besides, a dream is actually a canvas filled with images (and much more) from the subconscious, with responsible artist the Hyper Ego. The difference between the worlds of light and darkness, is that in the first one we use tools that carry specific capabilities and limitations in order to materialize the dream. In the world of light we must first learn how to operate these tools consciously, as “bridges” crossing our thoughts over to the canvas of matter. While creating art, my primal effort is to remain coordinated with my dream self, the one always watching behind my eyes, the ultimate one that is touched by the reflection of colors through light. I consider my art, a dark portal to things forbidden, freed from the safeguarding valve of Reason. My works are distorting dream mirrors of the body and soul. And the people attracted to the specific Art forms, are essentially attracted by the reflected dream world.”

Artwork in 3 words: Distorting dream mirrors.

What is inspirational for you: Everything and Nothing…

Currently favourite artists: Francis Bacon, Leonardo Da Vinci, Robert Rauschenberg, Joel Peter Witkin, Egon Schiele, Pablo Picasso, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Art of Ancient Egypt and Greece.

Tools of trade: Acrylics, Collage with papers, Photographs and other materials (Mixed technique), Adobe Photoshop/Corel Painter

Current obsessions: Seek and research, record and observe.

Personal temptation: I don’t have temptations.

Artwork: Seth Siro Anton. The Widow. 2007. Courtesy of the artist.

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