The following article was published in N-SPHERE March 2012 issue.


Name: Stanka Koleva

Location: Berlin, Germany

Occupation: Photographer

Definition of personal sphere: Art is the purest way  of interpreting our inner self as well as actualizing the unknown manifestations of Cosmic Life. Human nature and mutual relations  are necessary components that I utilize in my works, along with intuition, which is the most essential and uncertain element of the artistic act.

Artwork in 4 words: Silence, prayer, faith and scream

What is inspirational for you: Every living creature. I believe we all pertain to something much more than the materialistic and organic dynamic; we communicate not with words, but with senses.

Currently favourite artists: Sally Mann.

Tools of trade: Gelatin-Silver Prints.

Current obsessions: Paper letter writing.

Personal temptation: Chocolate.

Artwork: Stanka Koleva. Not Enough. Courtesy of the artist.

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