The following article was published in N-SPHERE Omega.

Name: Predrag Pajdic

Location: London, United Kingdom

Occupation: Artist, Author, Curator, Editor

Definition of personal sphere:
There can be no definition of personal sphere as I am completely against the boxing and labeling of creativity. How can one label something which occurs organically, perhaps spontaneously and always passionately? To be free of labels and to continuously create with every breath in and out, is the only sphere worth occupying.

Artwork in 4 words: Make Your Mind Up

What is inspirational for you: Everything that is not limited or defined by ten words or less.

Currently favourite artists: How many can I put? To include just a few would exclude so many and every day brings exciting inspiration.

Tools of trade: Atoms and molecules, did I say in all shapes and forms? Ah yes, I did.

Current obsessions: This afternoon, it was tiny plastic objects that made me laugh and the reconnection with the past linking to a bright future, yesterday it was rest and grace after the exhausting but rewarding launch of my book Beneath The Shadows The Soul Walks as my incredible supporters and friends had traveled literally from all over the world to attend and tomorrow, well, tomorrow will most likely be the next concept to develop.

Personal temptation: Beauty, I am eternally tempted by beauty in every shape and form, both dark and light. Just beauty. It’s always about beauty.


Artwork: Predrag Pajdic. Noetic corpus: Sojourn of the Soul. Part of series. Courtesy of the artist

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